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Hosted by marcus on Jun 19 2017, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

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This event is an instance of E6: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.

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This month, up to last week: I learn and investigate how USBIP works. I realized that it's now mostly running in the kernel, using the feature that user space informs the socket file descriptor to the kernel (and then, it is the kernel module which communicates to the server). I also tested a prototype of USB module for Chopstx (my RTOS). It was originally the module for STM32F103 and MKL27 (MCUs). I think that I now understand the whole picture of USB protocol. I was only focused on device side. Now, what I need to write is the code of host side controller emulation.

I am going to write USB module for USBIP (based on the test code). I think that this work can be done by the time mine for g10code. I think that the work should by copyrighted by g10code. Then, I wonder if it's GnuPG e.V. ???