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Hosted by wk on Dec 11 2017, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM.

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This event is an instance of E232: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


Event Timeline

  • I bought a logic analyzer to develop serial communication, including USB (full speed), smartcard
  • I never had using such an analyzer for my own USB development, because 7 years ago, most required proprietary OS or proprietary software from the vendor.
  • Now, I'm learning Sigrok: https://sigrok.org/wiki/ZEROPLUS_LAP-16128U
  • Selection of good logic analyzer seems difficult:
    • There is one with BBB.
    • If driver supports --continuous mode, it can capture and then analyze.
    • ZEROPLUS_LAP doesn't support --continuous mode.
    • "no memory" analyzer may be better: Saleae Logic16
  • Example analysis (--card-status (pin length 7F 7F 7F and counters 03 03 03)):
  • Tasks
    • T3378: Fixed, finally!
    • T3576: Status code of 6A88 (NO RECORD) would occur if PKCS#1 format error on decryption??? Ask Achim?
    • T3600: CCID enhancement for user interaction for ack

I'd like to backport
to 2.2. This is to avoid wkd lookups for domains which do not support wkd over and over again. For example gmail.