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Hosted by wk on Jul 23 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

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This event is an instance of E369: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


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This week

  • Joining DebConf18 (July 27th to Aug 8th)
  • Will have a presentation how GnuPG + Gnuk works

Last week:

  • Mostly GpgOL debugging and analysis. It was very unstable for the customer and I could also reproduce "random" crashes.
    • Added a "memdbg" module that tracks COM Reference counting. Found some reference leaks with that but no double ref (which I thought might cause the crashes).
    • The fragile thing still seems to be WindowMessages and
  • Some minor Kleo improvements that the customer noticed as annoying. Most importantly Encoding between Kleopatra and GnuPG on windows.
    • This is a total mess as the API functions to determine the codepage return different results between console and GUI applications. So I can't use GetConsoleOutputCodepage to determine in which encoding the GnuPG output comes in. GetACP also returned the wrong result. So I now use GetOEMCP which seems wrong but was the only function that returned the right result. Windows encoding is a mess.
    • Seemed to me that --display-charset utf8 did not work on Windows. At least noch for diagnostic output.
  • Started to get hacking in Mailvelope.
  • gpgme-json fuzzing and fixing.

This week: Only have until wednesday. Afterwards vaction time.

  • Finish up GpgOL
  • Publish Gpg4win beta installer. (I don't want to do a release before my vacation because the changes in GpgOL are too traumatic to rush them out.)
  • Implement a "Key Locator" mechanism in Mailvelope that works similar to GnuPG with locate options for "local,wkd, mailvelope keyserver".