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Hosted by wk on Aug 6 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

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Absent. (Still on board, on the flight back to Japan.)

At Debconf:

  • Asked about signing again where once done revocation signature: I found /* Fixme */ in code. I suggested use of --expert option in this case
  • Asked about how to examine authentication status (if pinentry will be invoked or not) of Yubikey. While newer OpenPGP card spec defines the feature of examining the status, I'm not sure if Yubikey supports the feature. The intention of the person who asked was using by unattended script (by cron). I suggested a workaround: Use gpg for dummy decryption awith --pinentry-mode error nd let it fail when Yubikey is not authenticated yet and to let gpg-agent sign when it is authenticated state.
  • Comment: gpg-agent is difficult to control. In the context of https://bugs.debian.org/867783
  • Comment: Transparent tube FST-01 is great.
  • Comment: Robust enclosure for FST-01 is needed. I answered future FST-01SZ
  • Comment: Acknowledge button is good for FST-01 to avoid unattended singing
  • Sold 17 FST-01G, Distributed 250+ FSM-55

Last week on vacation.

This week I will try to move forward with the Gpg4win-3.1.3 release.
Especially taking a look at the reported async encryption crash.
I can't promise a release as I also need to get WKD Support in Mailvelope done.