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Weekly Standup

Hosted by wk on Sep 10 2018, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM.

Recurring Event

Event Series
This event is an instance of E369: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


Event Timeline

  • libgpg-error
    • gniibe/secmem branch is ready to be merged into master
    • gniibe/pkg-config-support works well for me. If everything is OK, we can manually merge it into master (the history in the branch is not needed to be merged).
  • gnupg/dirmngr
    • hosttable requires (or is better to have) serialized access
    • -> My plan: introduce a lock for serializing hosttable access
    • I remember rGe175152ef751: agent: Fix double free.
      • It is true that the thread may surrender control to a different (Pthread's) thread calling allocator
        • (for example, when there is a thread which uses estream calling fread->malloc->getting malloc's internal lock and then syscall mmap)
      • (But I think that) it never occurs for a control to go to another nPth thread, while the original thread holding nPth's semaphore
      • well, it is possible a user uses special allocator (instead of standard allocator) which calls npth_unprotect npth_protect pair. Or, in the context of Lisp/gpgscm, I understand that the argument that allocation may cause a context switch.

This week:

  • dirmngr host table access
  • hardware thing
    • before Chinese holiday season (Oct)
    • Confirm FST-01SZ design
    • considering a button
    • possibility to U2F token

Last week:

  • Adminstrative work
  • VS-NfD vendor meeting in Bonn
  • Minor code work

This week:

  • General planning
  • GPGME release?
  • Mail backlog processing
  • Mailvelope project meeting on THursday

Last week:

  • Address book integration for GpgOL in Outlook.
  • Regression fixes in GpgOL / Bug reports.
  • On friday I struggled with "cleartext signature handling" in GpgOL.
  • Wrote a patch to GPGME to add "trust-model" as context and global flag. Not published because it does not work well because of T4134
    • My plan is to run Kleopatra for now in "pgp" trust model and GpgOL in "tofu+pgp" trust mode to avoid too traumatic changes to Gpg4win.

This week:

  • Polish mailvelope WKD code and adapt it to openpgp.js 4
  • Improve TOFU handling in GpgOL's keyresolver.
  • Implement more of the Automated Encryption concept in the keyresolver.

I'll be on a short vacation next friday / monday and tuesday.