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Hosted by werner on Mon, Jan 7, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

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Last week:

This week:

  • Consider about year-long plan like:
    • GnuPG's schedule when we will release from new branch
      • Perhaps, after Debian release of buster?
    • Gnuk/NeuG/Chopstx will have new branches this year for:
      • Chopstx: Possibly for RISC-V 32-bit
      • NeuG: Possibly for another entropy source?, if we will use FPGA
      • Gnuk: smartcard version (instead of CCID)??? if we will have free keyboard which works with GnuPG
        • if we can adopt the original HHKB philosophy of bringing our own keyboard everywhere, it should have something like token(s) inside having private keys.
        • keyboard integration can give us built-in pinpad input and ack button
    • free firmware of CCID
      • or even free hardware design, if Nicole is busy
      • experimental version of free hardware design can be simple (just directly connect STM32F103 to smartcard)
  • Scan Tasks to re-evaluate things
  • Check libgpg-error, to be released
    • libtool and make check

To @werner:

  • Do you have OpenPGPcard version 3 version? I found I only have experimental version from Achim. It's good if you will give one to me in Brussels.


  • Finished of other stuff to now work for g10code / GnuPG full time.

This week:

  • Planning next steps.
  • Administrative work: changing mail addresses etc.
  • Bussiness stuff: Getting my company up and running.
  • Some gpg4win maintenance that I did not get to in December.