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Weekly Standup

Hosted by werner on Mar 11 2019, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

Recurring Event

Event Series
This event is an instance of E422: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


Event Timeline

  • Yubikey test version arrived, but it seems they are sending another because of last-minute-bug
  • Last week
    • T4377: gpg-agent does not anymore restart a killed scdaemon: Sorry for trouble
    • TTXS plan
      • I think clear cut for works under g10code and works under Purism is required
        • simpler TPDU CCID reader -> TTXS (test against Gnuk test suite and OpenPGP card V3.3)
        • TTXS port to STM32L (even if USB is not used by Purism): Possibly Partly supported by Purism
        • I can work for CCID on serial communication and its support on host by GnuPG
        • Purism should do their work for UART support for pcscd and test with their hardware (including SIM cards)
    • Testing Scute
    • some minor build patches
  • This week
    • Office work for tax procedure
    • Learn about CCID implementation for TTXS
    • Watch Debian release process

Last week:

  • gnupg-2.2 backporting
  • ietf.org mailing list problems
  • Added a CSRF protection exception for protonmail
  • Documentation on how to personalize PIV cards.
  • Finish importing keys to PIV cards
  • Payroll stuff for February.
  • ssh connection problem with Phabricator

This week:

  • Start working on gnupg 2.3

Last week:

Mostly Kleopatra:

  • Looked at Kleopatra startup performance as I thought binary Icons might help. (Didn't)
    • gpgconf was mostly the delaying factor.
    • Changed all gpgconf calls in Kleopatra startup so that their results are cached through GPGME. This shaved ~50% of the startup time.
    • Still for me gpgconf --list-options dirmngr takes ~2seconds still very long. I think that is because it loads the certificates.
  • Fixed Kleopatra's "gpgconf" selftest.
  • Finally took some time to look into the gpgtar issue ( T4332)
  • Fixed error handling when gpgtar is used.
  • Worked on a regression segfault which happens now that I've updated all Kleoptra dependencies (still open).

This week:

  • Fix three remaining GpgOL issues for the BSI
  • Fix ( T4332 )
  • Fix regressions in Kleo,..