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Hosted by werner on Jun 17 2019, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

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This event is an instance of E422: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


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Topics for this week

  • If no problem, I'd like to test X448 (encryption) for OpenPGP
    • topic branch of libgcrypt
    • topic branch of GnuPG
    • implement in Gnuk

Last two weeks


This week

  • libgcrypt topic branch {gniibe/4293} for X* function API
    • merge a part of X25519
    • make a topic branch for X448
  • Learn Microchip smartcard reader chip specification and possibly write to Purism people

Last week:

  • Worked on GPGME race conditions: Unified the lists of contexts and fds. The new scheme should be easier to understand and maintain. Further improvements are possible. See branch wk/new-wait.
  • Fixed bug T4257 and thus T2919 in my working copy
  • run-threaded still leaks file descriptors created by a pipe call. Not yet sure why.
  • Improved trace code.
  • Released gpgme 1.13.1 with collected fix (but not those from above)

This week:

  • Work on switching between card applications on the fly for Yubikeys.