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Hosted by werner on Dec 9 2019, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM.

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This event is an instance of E422: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.


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Todays topic from me:

Last week:

  • Chasing a bug in: T4256: gpg-agent: Spurious pinentries for an already unlocked key when decryption OpenPGP in 10 threads
    • If gpg-agent's option auto-expand-secmem can dismiss the pinentry pop-up, my analysis is correct
    • fundamentally, the total fix may be possible by serializing cryptographic operations
      • simple way is only one operation at most
      • ideally, multiple operations at once by measuring amount of available resource
  • scan the tasks: Mostly for pinentry and libgpg-error to consolidate common things
    • those are not high priority, though
  • confirmed that: on GD32VF103
    • USART and SPI are as same as GD32F103/STM32F103
    • USB is different, it's like STM32F105

This week:

  • scan the tasks
  • write an invoice to g10code
  • considering a proposal (2020) to Purism
    • Fully Free (PCB design, firmware) USB Keyboard
    • If it is OK, use of GD32VF103 (RISC-V) would be good

Last week:

  • Moving to the new office
  • Fixed a few GnuPG bugs
  • Released 2.2.19

Last week:
Similar to werner, mostly focused on moving to the new office.

This week:

  • Getting some programming work done.
  • Release Gpg4win with 2.2.19