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Hosted by werner on May 30 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM.

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This event is an instance of E878: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.

Event Timeline

Last week:

  • gpg-agent: Tasks under T5984
    • Use-for-ssh, Label, Prompt support
    • Now, OpenPGP.3 keys are the default candidate for SSH authentication, even if not inserted
      • it prompts a user for device insertion when not available
  • libassuan, gpg: T5977
    • Conclusion: an approach of existing CONFIDENTIAL flag (not introducing new flag)
      • Once, I tried new flag ASSUAN_CLEAR_INQUIRY_DATA, so that it wipes buffer after inquiry, but I realized that there are use cases in existing code of gnupg, which uses CONFIDENTIAL flag for such an inquiry.
      • So, I think that enhancing the semantics of CONFIDENTIAL flag is better
        • old: not showing data in debug message
        • new: not showing data in debug message + wiping buffer after use
    • Backport needed for GnuPG 2.2
  • Start scute change for T6002 (keygrip centric approach)
    • Currently, it presumes:
      • single device
      • device can be identified by: serial number + key reference (like OpenPGP.3)
    • New method
      • multiple devices
      • key can be identified by keygrip
      • as long as keygrip is same, it doesn't matter which device has the key

This week:

  • libgcrypt KDF API experiment