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Weekly Standup

Hosted by werner on Jun 27 2022, 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM.

Recurring Event

Event Series
This event is an instance of E878: Weekly Standup, and repeats every week.

Event Timeline

Last week:

  • gnupg
    • confirm T6033 is fixed by T5953
    • Pushed the change for T5921 to master
    • Pushed the change for T6035 (both for 2.2 and master)
    • T5988: Added KEYATTR command to gpg-agent
    • in future, when libgcrypt will be released, we could use a patch from t5964 branch
  • libgcrypt
    • hkdf
    • T6039: FIPS and hkdf->hmac

This week:

  • TLS 1.2 and T4873
    • not for TLS 1.3 (new features)
    • check current NTBTLS can be used with libgcrypt in FIPS mode enabled