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Problem viewing
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Viewing the page
(it also occurs in (en) page)
The text is cutted just below the line
"You can subscribe to these lists via web or by sending an e-mail:"
and no more text appears.
Problem can be the <samp> tag, because in the source code the complete text appears.



Event Timeline

Paged is displayed as expected with email addresse framed in a grayed box.
Could you check this out and close the bug if it is the case?

lolo added a project: Restricted Project.Feb 23 2003, 3:37 PM

The correct display depends on the browser version. The page
is correctly shown in the more modern browsers, but isn't in
older browsers. Thus, page is not world-wide accesible, but
you need a potent machine to support a big OS needed by a
recent browser.

ndtt removed a project: Restricted Project.Feb 25 2003, 10:59 AM

Email template is shown correctly, now.