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cvs_access.html: wrong indication
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it is said:

"This service is provided to help you in hunting bugs and not to deliver
stable snapshots; it may happen that it even does not compile, so please don't complain. CVS may put a high load on a server, so please don't poll for new updates too often, but subscribe to the mailing list me~ntioned above."

Actually the mailing list is mentioned BELOW this statement.


Substitute "the mailing list mentioned below" instead of "above".
Previous fix is erroneous. A new one will be provided as a link to the mailing lists page.

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Hi Noel, would you mind to take care of this PR? I'm a bit
busy... Thanks in advance.

lolo added a subscriber: lolo.

Mailing list is not mentioned at all. A link must be created
to the mailing lists page.

Actually fixed in english and spanish (see Fix), it remains
to be fixed in german and italian. Maybe the fix musy be
retouched by LoLo.

lolo added a subscriber: ndtt.

Maybe the fix must be retouched by LoLo.

Mailing-list manager URL is now a shared variable.

lolo removed a project: Stalled.