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GPA - key generation message
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When you generate a new key via GPA, it tells you that "Even on fast computers
this may take a while, please be patient". The most natural human reaction would
be to leave the computer and go have a cup of coffee, but if you do that, the
key generation will NEVER succeed - GPG restarts the process if it could not get
enough entropy for a set amount of time! This can be incredibly frustrating, and
lead people to believe there is something wrong with GPA. I was completely
unable to generate a key in that fashion, so I had to do it using commandline
GPG. Moreover, this message leads you to believe that the generation time
actually depends on your computer's power, and so having a very powerful
computer and observing zero CPU load can lead users to believe that the process
really did hang up. Or that your computer is NOT powerful enough to generate a
key in under one day...

I suggest changing the message from "Be patient, go have coffee while your fast
computer is crunching numbers" to "Don't just wait - help me get some entropy!
Move your mouse and bash on your keyboard!" - something more along the lines of
what GPG is originally telling you to do. Maybe it would even be a good idea to
add a "quick" key generation mode to GPG which does not provide "real" entropy,
but does not take as much time, because typing THAT much stuff really does take
A LOT of time, not to mention this may be happening on a remote computer through
an SSH session, so "utilizing your disks and moving your mouse" really isn't an
option. Maybe add one that actually depends on typing something on the keyboard
for a set period of time, as it is often done in "less serious" software?..



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Ideally, there would be a mini-game, perhaps, space invaders. As the user
plays, we automatically harvest entropy!

Changing the message affects all translations.

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