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unable to print GNU Privacy Handbook PDF-ITalian version
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win98 and win95-acrobatreader5.0.5-GsWiew4.3-printers: Brother and Sharp
Documentation Italian File
GNU Privacy Handbook (Manuale GNU sulla privacy)=
(downloaded 24-nov-2003)


Unable to print the document:
on printing AR5.0.5 displays error: "unable to found or create "Times-Roman" font. Some probable problems on printing" (OKonly)
In fact it prints only the first and the sencond(and the 28th ?!?) page and then only white sheets.
Similar GsWiew 4.3 that displais code"-9" error and print nothing.
Simple display on both the reading programs are perfectly readable: probably a "print-font" problem.


re-edit the file with appropriate text editor (that i don't know the best for the role) and change to a more "standard" or better: more "printable" font or probably "fontname".
Then try to print before putting it on the web ?
(many thanks for all, to all the "Open-Makers" of the world!!!)

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The PR has been forwarded to gpgweb-devel ML for further investigation.

I suspect user's software misconfiguration.

Closing this report which has no activity for 5 years.