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gpgsm --with-colons --list-keys writes an excessive colon, causing --with-secret to write to the wrong column
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GnuPG 2.1.14, file sm/keylist.c, line 495 ff. read (my comment added with <<<)

  /* Field 12, capabilities: */
  print_capabilities (cert, fp); <<<<<<<< this already writes a colon
  es_putc (':', fp); <<<<<<<<<<<< this colon is excessive
  /* Field 13, not used: */
  es_putc (':', fp);
  if (have_secret || ctrl->with_secret)

print_capabilities() already writes the colon itself, see line 292.

Hence the '+' marking that a secret key is available is written to column 16
instead of column 15.



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Indeed, thanks for the analysis!

Fixed in 40365b28.

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