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GnuPG is reflecting old version even after installing new version
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We recently upgraded the GnuPG version from 2.0.14 to 2.0.30 in our linux
server. But its still reflecting the older version when I check it.



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To investigate, we need more information. What OS are you using, how did you
install 2.0.14, how did you install 2.0.30, and what exactly do you mean by
"reflecting the older version"?

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I'm using RedHat Linux which already had a version of GnuPG installed. (2.0.14)
I'm not sure what process was used to install it. I downloaded the latest
tar-ball of GnuPG Stable 2.0.30 and installed it as per the process described in
the "HOW-TO". But when I check for the version using gpg --version, it gives me
the older version 2.0.14 instead of 2.0.30. Also , there were no errors while I
installed 2.0.30 either in compilation or installation. I'm not sure why the
--version command is still displaying the old version then.

So you installed GnuPG from source. If you didn't specify a --prefix during the
configure phase, it will be installed to /usr/local. Check that /usr/local/bin
is in PATH. Check what 'type -a gpg' says.

I'm sorry, but this is not a GnuPG problem, and helping you with installing
software on Linux is out of scope for us.