Help: "Error- key importing failed" - "gpg: starting migration from earlier GnuPG versions" ?
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I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, and pretty new to this whole open source world. Yesterday I started to get into mail encryption.
Using Enigmail via Thunderbird, when I want to import PGP keys this always pops up:

"Error - key importing failed
gpg: starting migration from earlier GnuPG versions
gpg: porting secret keys from '/home/thuy/.gnupg/secring.gpg' to gpg-agent
gpg: can't open '/home/thuy/.gnupg/secring.gpg': Permission denied
gpg: Fatal: can't open '/home/thuy/.gnupg/trustdb.gpg': Permission denied"

I have a folder called "gnup-2.1.12", but also there is a folder just called ".gnupg".

What can I do to solve this problem easily? which command lines?

Im really desperate trying to solve this since hours, but cant find any solution.
Would be great if someone can fix it :)

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Hello. Please note that this is a bug tracker and not a support forum. Nevertheless, let's investigate.

So the error message says that it lacks permissions to open a file within your home directory. This may be because you accidentally started gnupg as root, or you may have screwed up your file permissions. Please do:

$ ls -ld /home/thuy/.gnupg /home/thuy/.gnupg/*

and report the results.