French characters portability PGP-->GnuPG
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Release: 1.2.5


Windows 2000, PGP 8.0.3, GnuPG 1.2.5 (win exe)


French characters like "é", "à", etc... contained in the passphrase are lost/corrupted when importing PGP keys to GnuPG! (HTML code is é)

How To Repeat

-install PGP 8.0.3 on a Windows platform
-create a new key on PGP containing typical french characters, as in "café"
-export private & public keys from PGP
-import keys into GnuPG
-try to sign/encrypt something, "café" is considered as a bad passphrase!

Note: the file attached to this report "PGP.asc" has the "café" passphrase.


Cannot be fixed! I wonder if it's a problem within DOS (different ASCII table?), or within PGP. Good luck!

dshaw added a subscriber: dshaw.Oct 12 2004, 1:47 AM

I believe this is a (currently fixed) problem with that
version of PGP. Can you try a more recent version?

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