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Pb to open a GnuPG file which has been compressed before
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Windows 2k server with Cygwin onto (we use cygwin to run the batch which compress and protectthe backup with bzip2, tar and GnuPG).


We have a problem to open a GPG file. In fact, we have the problem on two backup archives which have been protected by GnuPG (the same backup but at 2 different date). On these backups, there is a PGP Disk and different kind of file (.doc, .xls, etc.). We want to know if the problem could come from the PGP Disk or from the size of the archive(8 Go).
These archives are a backup whitch have been compressed a first time in tar and a second time in ZIP (with bzip2) and after, protected by GnuPG.
When we try to open the archive, we have an error message at 4.19 Go (GnuPG file size = 8Go) with the two archives.

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Just open the archive



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dshaw added a subscriber: dshaw.

GnuPG doesn't do any particular magic to archives. It's
just a binary blob, so it doesn't matter how many times you
compressed it first.