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gpgme ./configure failing with dependency on GpgSM
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Release: gpgme-1.0.0.tar.gz


Fedora Core 2. GPG 1.2.4


After downloading the GPGME from the When tried to build it, the program fails at ./configure level unable to find GpgSM. Make gives errors without GpgSM

Few sample outputs are:

checking for gpgsm... no
configure: WARNING:

  • Could not find GpgSM, install GpgSM or use --with-gpgsm=PATH to enable it *** ------------------------------------------------------- config.status: executing depfiles commands

    GPGME v1.0.0 has been configured as follows:

    GnuPG path: /usr/bin/gpg GnuPG version: 1.2.4, min. 1.2.2

    GpgSM path: no GpgSM version: unknown, min. 1.9.6

    GPGME Pthread: yes GPGME Pth:

    (locate gpgsm) [ors@h1c661s gpgme-1.0.0]$ locate gpgsm [ors@h1c661s gpgme-1.0.0]$ gpgsm not present by default. ------------------------------------------------------- As a additional info Libgpg-error 1.0 is also installed.

How To Repeat

  1. Download GPGME from
  2. Read Configure, README files in the GPGME.
  3. ./configure ( here the dependency error comes)


To be able to configure and compile GpgSM which is included along with GPGME src.

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This was fixed in GPGME 1.0.1. Thanks for your contribution!