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Travis CI and Sonar Scan for Pinentry
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For my own purposes I setup Travis CI and Sonar scan for my EFL development fork of Pinentry. Pretty much solely to scan my work on the EFL interface for Pinentry. Which was recently added :)

I was just curious if you all would like a PR or something with the stuff for Travis CI and Sonar Scan. May have to change the Project ID for Sonar Scan. Though I think I can transfer ownership, and surely add others to that. Or another can be setup. Sonar is quite flexible. I am also willing to help maintain it going forwarded.

I had also attempted to do Coverity, but that did not pan out. They did not approve my ability to scan since they did not see me as a contributor. Per discussion with Werner on another task, seems some of Coverity's policies do not work for GnuPG projects. Which I can surely understand, imposing deadlines. Beyond restricting who can scan, and see scan results.

Either way just making it known.

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