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Win2KXP Sp2 update 20050225


Dear Sir, I would ask you if it's possible use KeyManager and GPGRelay to firm with the generate Key all email using Outlook 2K3.
I have try to use but my problem it's how can import the signatur.
Please if there is documentation (italian) send me.



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I'm not sure what the problem is.

As the hint in the message box pointed out, you can set a key manager in
the tab. There you can use a key manager of your choice. It either works with GPA
or WinPT. I've no idea if GPGRelay supports to start the application in "key
manager mode".

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The Key Manager issue in gpgol should be solved. I was not
able to reproduce it with a recent gpgol (gpg4win installtion)
or with gpgol standalone with proper settings in the advanced diaqlog.