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Uninformative description of GnuPG availability on OpenBSD
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The description for OpenBSD support given is, "OpenBSD works fine (x86 CPU?)"

The OpenBSD developers produced pre-built binary packages of GnuPG 1.2.2 for all platforms supported by their most recent release, 3.6: i386, vax, amd64, macppc, sparc, sparc64, alpha, cats, hp300, hppa, luna88k, mac68k, mvme68k, mvme88k. Descriptions of these platforms can be found at

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Change "OpenBSD works fine (x86 CPU?)" to something a bit more informative. Suggestion:

"<b>OpenBSD</b> works fine (x86 and other CPUs; see <a href="">OpenBSD Ports and Packages</a> for details)"

Release Note

Solved in revision 1.20 of download/supported_systems.wml

LoLo may check it.

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Stated all OpenBSD architectures with precompiled packages
(even when they're 1.2.2 )