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not able to sign current windows
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Release: winpt 0.9.92 gnupg 1.4.1


windows 2000 sp4 outlook 2002 sp-2, but same in notepad
raw text message


1- write clair message
2- sign it with right-click / current windows / sign
3- send
4- verify ---> invalid key

signing clipboard and then paste seems ok


when i sign current windows, i often lost the last line of my text, and also
i saw in hexa viewer a tiny space and linefeed characters difference between ok and nok message (just before -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE). as i rebuilt 0d 0d 0a in this place, the signed message became good.

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The current window code does not work with all kind of
windows. There is nothing I can change about it. But
my recent tests showed that the updated code >= 1.0.0pre1
seems to work with most window types.

Because 0.9.92 is rather obsolete I close this bug.

The current window code is still not perfect but it works >= 90% of
the time on my machine. Plus since 0.9.92 a lot of code has been changed.