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WinPT throws wrong error messages when gnupg.exe fails
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Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, all patches
WinPT 0.9.92, GnuPG 1.4.1


Start WinPT when bug "gnupg/507" is in effect.
It will start caching the keyrings (the progress box is shown), then show a dialog "Key Cache (X) General Error [ OK ]".
OK yields another dialog "WinPT Error (X) The keycache was not initialized or is empty. Please check your GPG config (keyrings, pathes...) [ OK ]".
OK then yields "WinPT (i) It seems that GPG is not set properly. Do you want to start the GPG preferences dialog? [ Yes ][ No ]"
NO terminates WinPT

How To Repeat

Add "load-extension idea" to gnupg.conf


WinPT needs to check the return codes or output messages of gnupg.exe better.

Event Timeline

Will be fixed in the next release.