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gnupg 1.4.2 aborts() when generating key pairs in batch mode
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Release: 1.4.2


Linux 2.6.12 (Fedora Core, Raw Hide)


When generating keys in batch mode, write_keyblock() iterates through the list of generated packets, passing them to build_packet() one at a time. Because 1.4.2 now has places a deleted PKT_NONE packet at the head of the tree (instead of a deleted PKT_COMMENT packet as earlier versions did), build_packet()'s assertion that the packet contain some kind of data isn't met and gpg aborts.

How To Repeat

Dave Jones actually tripped over this. The contents of his parameter file ("genkey"):

%secring kernel.sec
Key-Type: DSA
Key-Length: 512
Name-Real: Red Hat, Inc.
Name-Comment: Kernel Module GPG key

gpg --homedir . --batch --debug 15 --gen-key genkey


Walk the list with walk_kbnode() instead.

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dshaw added a subscriber: dshaw.

Oddly enough, already fixed this morning. Patch sent to bug
reporter in email.