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sizing of en faq page on
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Release: (faq.raw)


windows 2000 server sp2
IE 5.50.4807.2300
with screen resolution 800 x 600


I appreciate all the work that went into this. Unfortunately it is very hard for me to read the faq because it goes way off to the right of the screen, so I have to keep sliding it back and forth to read it, and this makes it hard to follow.

This is the page:

The page looks hardcoded for something like 1024 x 768 or larger.


  • Removed paragraph on line continuation, replacing it with a paragraph to remind the reader that although some command lines may be split into two lines to allow for proper web page display of the FAQ file in some browsers, the entire command-string is to be entered all on one line.
  • Removed line continuation character ("\") at the end of command-strings that were split into two lines (to lessen confusion for those using Windows or OSes that don't support line continuation).
  • Replaced <pre> tags with <samp> for code entries to improve display for those browser with limited window widths (does not apply to tables).
  • Trimmed whitespace in tables to narrow width to improve display for those browsers with limited window widths.

Release Note

Other various corrections are included with v1.6.1 update.

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lolo added a subscriber: lolo.

As this PR was probably initiated prior to the current
changes in v1.6.1 of the FAQ (including substituting <samp>
tags for <pre> to allow command-line examples to extend
across multiple lines in a user's browser), this PR may be
qualified to close.

lolo removed a project: Restricted Project.

Problem fixed by substituting <pre> for <samp>.