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Cannot select to encrypt on an email-by-email basis
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Release: 0.9.3 (Sept 29, 2005)


Dell Inspiron 8500 (P4, 2Ghz, 1 GB of RAM)
Windows XP, Service Pack 2, All MS Security Updates as of Oct 13, 2005)
Office Outlook 2003 (11.6359.6408) SP1
Using WinPT 0.10.1 & GPG 1.4.2


When creating an new email, the encrypt/sign buttons don't appear. This in effect doesn't allow the user to individually select which email to send encrypted and/or signed; setting the options for GnuPG for "Encrypt new messages by default" does turn encryption on... but for every email, and there doesn't appear to be a way to turn it off on an individual email basis.

Note: that decryption function works fine.

How To Repeat

Create a new email: the buttons do not appear.



Event Timeline

This problem occurrs when for example Word is used as the editor.
There is no way to fix it, except NOT to use Word as the editor.