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gpg --batch --gen-key fails
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Release: 1.4.2


Win32 binary, Linux compiled from source, i386, gcc 3.3.4


gpg --batch --gen-key genparam.txt fails to create a key. It gives the error gpg: build-packet.c:74: build_packet: Assertion `pkt->pkt.generic' failed.
I am confident that it works in version 1.2.7 and 1.2.5.
A bit of debugging does not reveal the problem to me.

How To Repeat

Use the attached file in the following command:
gpg --homedir . --batch --gen-key genparam.txt


Use an earlier version of the program. However, earlier versions of the program have bugs which make this workaround unusable.
Fixing the source code in genkey would seem to be the answer.

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This has already been fixed for 1.4.3