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pinentry-qt: Image on left side looks broken if pinentry shows an error
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pinentry-qt with error message and weird looking image on the left side:

The image on the left side is created by overlaying the application icon with a small version of the QStyle::SP_MessageBoxCritical icon. I suppose that with other styles this looked good because the small icon looked similar to the critical icon in the Qt documentation (, but in the Breeze style the icon looks completely out of place.

To reproduce run pinentry as follows:

cat <<EOF | pinentry
setdesc Description bla bla bla
seterror Error error error
setprompt Prompt:
setrepeat Repeat:
option constraints-enforce
option constraints-hint-short=At least 8 characters

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I will add a suitable icon from the Breeze style.

pinentry-qt with new icon: