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Files Encrypted By gpg4win / Kleopatra Will Not Decrypt With OpenKeyChain
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If you encrypt a file with Windows gpg4win / Kleopatra and email it to an Android device and try to use OpenKeyChain to Decrypt you receive the following error:

Unknown filename (touch to open)

Encountered an error reading input data!

Processing input data
Attempting to process OpenPGP data
Encountered an error reading input data!

This problem occurs both if you create the keys on gpg4win / Kleopatra and export to OpenKeychain AND if you create the keys on OpenKeyChain and export to gpg4win.

If you create keys on OpenKeyChain and export the keys to gpg4win / Kleopatra, you are able to encrypt a file on Android OpenKeychain and email to Windows device and use gpg4win / Kleopatra to decrypt.

If you create keys on gpg4win / Kleopatra and export to OpenKeyChain and then try to encrypt on Android OpenKeyChain and email to Windows device gpg4win / Kleopatra, the file will not decrypt.

There is something in the creation of keys on gpg4win / Kleopatra that is not working properly with OpenKeyChain.
This has been reported on Github, but it was thought to be a problem with OpenKeyChain. However, based on the behavior, I believe it is a problem which is in gpg4win / Kleopatra.

Here are the Github links:


Thank you.


gpg4win 4.0.3

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Please don't yell at us!

If you want us to take your bug report seriously, then you really have to give us more details. Start by telling us which version of gpg4win you are using. Next tell us what kind of keys are you using? Maybe you can create test keys and add them to this bug report. And you can attach an encrypted test file to this bug report, so that we can check whether we see anything peculiar.

But wait ...

Reading it seems that OpenKeyChain doesn't support AEAD. gpg 2.3 (and a gpg4win using this version) will use AEAD encryption if the keys indicate that an AEAD algorithm can be used. Obviously, keys created with gpg 2.3 will indicate this.

If you need interoperability with other implementations of OpenPGP that lacks features like AEAD, then you have to make sure that the keys you use do not indicate features that the other implementation of OpenPGP, e.g. OpenKeyChain, doesn't support. Incidentally, you have already found the solution: Simply create the keys with OpenKeyChain and be happy.

I'm closing this issue because there is no bug in gpg. And there is no bug in OpenKeyChain either. There is simply a feature missing in OpenKeyChain which forces you to take care to use only keys that are compatible with OpenKeyChain.