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unusable secret key selectable for crypto operations
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Noticed when testing T5869:

If you have an encrypt only key, both Kleopatra and GpgOL will allow to select the key for signing which does not have the capability for it.
If you do not have another secret key, it will be automatically suggested, too.



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I don't think that Kleopatra allows to select an encrypt-only key for signing because I have fixed exactly this issue a couple of months: T6456: Kleopatra: Offers encryption-only OpenPGP keys as signing key.

But it's possible that Kleopatra preselects an encrypt-only key if that's the only secret key in the keyring.

No, it doesn't do even that. Sorry, I only tested that with 3.1.26 which is older than your fix.
No encrypt-only key is offered or selectable for signing any more in Gpg4win-4.2.0-beta360