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GPG fails to create signature subkey on smartcard
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Release: 1.4.3


Cardreader hardware: Omnikey CardMan 4040 (PCMCIA) + SCM SCR 335 (USB)
OS: Debian unstable


I worked my way through the subkey-tutorial at and tried to add subkeys via "addcardkey". The authentication key worked just fine, but after the generation of the signature subkey GPG segfaults.

I took the advice from one of Werner's mails (somewhere on the net) to use "--debug 2048" for debug information. The last lines of the results for both of my cardreaders are attached to this report.

With the Omnikey CardMan 4040 (used directly by GPG without the help of pcscd) GPG segfaults AFTER the signature key has been generated. I can see the new subkey with --card-status but since GPG crashes immediately after the generation, it is not added to my keyring. That is: it is not listed as a subkey when I use --edit-key.

The SCM SCR 335 seems not to be supported by GPG directly. If I use pcscd, then the message is different, but the key generation fails nevertheless.

The smartcard and both readers are brand new (received them on Monday), i.e. there should (hopefully!) be no problem with the hardware. Can anyone help me through with this mess? Thanks a lot in advance!

How To Repeat

gpg --edit-key <keyid>
<Admin PIN>
... segfault!