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Support for CONFERENCE ical property in KOrganizer
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RFC7986 has introduced the CONFERENCE property into the iCal standard - this is a URI with a link to a conferencing system (be it a phone number or (video)conference website or software).

The task is to add support for this field into the Incidence editor (so one can create an event with conference link) as well as the incidence viewer (so one can see the available conferencing options for an event) and to the reminder popup (to allow the user to join the conference of an upcoming meeting easily with a single click).

I haven't found a bug/wish for this in KDE Bugzilla, but it is something that has been on my todo basically since Covid started and I tried to use KOrganizer to view my work calendar with Zoom calls :)

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After some investigation into what everyone else is doing, nobody seems to be using and supporting this property as of now. The big players (Google Calendar, Office365) abuse the Location field to store the URL for the onlin-meeting with alternative methods of joining the conference (e.g. dial-in numbers. etc) stored in the event description.

As such it IMO makes no sense to invest time into this as of now, since no-one else uses it and if we were to start using it, users using any other 3rd-party client would be unable to see the information.