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recv-keys / refresh-keys loops @ 100% of CPU
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gnupg appeared to hang while updating my public key database, and checking the
windows process list [windows] and top [linux] confirmed gpg was running at 100%
of the CPU for several minutes without completing the update. [reasonably fast
64-bit AMD system w/2GB ram, windows XP]

the key I was updating was: 94C09C7F

the webpage tends to time out when searching for this via the web
front-end; from the command line, --search-keys finds the entry [Peter
Palfrader] and also goes into a heavy cpu loop if selected for updating.

I even moved the pubring database out of the way so as to work with a clean/empty DB

I also tried and confirmed this "looped" on an older version under linux [1.2.2]
and gave up after the process consumed two full minutes at 100% of one CPU [DUAL
500mhz Xeon system]

I see this guy has an @debian address listed, perhaps he has an insane amount of
signatures and it really does take "a long time" to complete this update?



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This is not a bug, though it's certainly annoying. The problem is that has a corrupt copy of that key. GPG can handle the corruption, but
the algorithm for de-corrupting the key is somewhat expensive, essentially
requiring each signature on a user ID to be compared to every other signature.

Since Peter has over 3000 signatures to start with, this is a lot of comparisons.