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Actually the news pages in spanish appear as not yet translated.
That's OK, but is it possible to completely separate the news theirselves from the news page, to avoid that message if the page is translated but the news aren't?
I'm intended to translate the page, but not the news theirselves, 'cos the news are links to the original untranslated messages.


Completely separate news from newslist in the wml source files, and make the "not yet translated" spanish message to appear (as the other messages like "original is newer") only referring the list page, not the news theirselves.

Possible fix: please, try to add a timestamp of 2099-12-31 to news_list.wml file.

Release Note

Possible fix 1 commited to CVS. We'll see if it works on site rebuild.

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Waiting for reply to possible fix.

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Fix 1 suggested by LoLo worked