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How to Skip GTA 5 Online Dax Missions Cooldown Time and Unlock Rewards Very Quickly

How to Skip GTA 5 Online Dax Missions Cooldown Time and Unlock Rewards Very Quickly

The online multiplayer action-adventure game Grand Theft Auto Online was created by Rockstar North and released by Rockstar Games. Players are free to travel to San Andreas, which has an expansive countryside and metropolis of Los Santos, thanks to the game's open-world concept (based on Los Angeles).

Players can control a mute customised protagonist as they progress through challenging activities to become powerful criminals. Players must complete missions with linear scenarios and predetermined goals to advance through the story. The open world is free for players to explore outside of the missions.

The environment consists of the San Andreas open countryside region, which includes the fictional Blaine County and the fictional metropolis of Los Santos. After the game starts, you can explore it to your heart's content without any restrictions. However, the story's progression is quite engaging.

Dax’s Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online's First Dose story-driven missions feature Dax prominently. Besides, he is also the head of the fledgling Fooliganz organisation that aspires to rule Blaine County. Since he is a new character, many gamers would be curious about his history and role in the plot.

Players of GTA online have discovered a straightforward method to get around the Dax Missions' cooldown period. Fooligan Jobs will give different incentives over the next two weeks depending on how many have been completed.

After completing the First Dose tutorial task, GTA online users can always get in touch with Dax. However, there is often a cooling period between each job.

Players of GTA online need patience and time, especially when time is running out. There won't be much time left for these expensive things. Some players have discovered an effective way to complete Dax Missions quickly and get those prizes.

How to Skip the Cooldown?

Players must wait for 48 minutes before beginning a new Dax phone quest. Moreover, they must also accomplish several objectives to receive additional awards. There is a method to get around these limitations.

The following is a quick summary of what to do:

• Finish any Dax phone assignment. • Switch to a different session after setting the LS Car Meet as your spawn spot. • Players can also go there in person as an alternative. • Drive any of the three displayed automobiles. • Once on the test track, participants should call Dax. • Players can choose to "Request Work" from a menu. • While travelling away from the test track, keep the menu open. • Press "Exit LS Car Meet" a second time after clicking it.

Players may receive exclusive goodies by finishing a specific number of Dax phone tasks between now and January 10. The complete list of prizes for the Fooligan Job in the latest GTA Online Los Santos Drug Wars update is shown below:

• Players will receive Ice Vinyl and Ice Vinyl Cut Jackets for completing a task • Black and White Bigness ski masks for completing ten tasks • The LS Smoking jacket for completing 25 tasks

Additionally, completing ten assignments resulted in a $250,000 upgrade for the Acid Lab company. Unlike the ones mentioned above, this award doesn’t expire in the following two weeks. Players of GTA Online can apply to upgrade the manufacturing.

The Yellow SN Rooster Revere Collar party shirt is offered only for a short period. Players must finish at least ten tasks because they will receive another as soon as they buy the upgrade.

According to the Rockstar company, players of GTA Online can expect all awards after January 10. The new clothing items are supplied to them within 72 hours.

Players aren’t allowed to wear it during the event. Ultimately, Dax's phone tasks are swiftly completed with the above strategy.

Wrapping Up!

GTA 5 has become very engaging and rewarding. By following the above process, you can get the rewards you want without going through the tiresome and boring cooldown period.

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