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Wordle Secrets Revealed: What Top Players Won't Tell You

Wordle Secrets Revealed: What Top Players Won't Tell You

The Art of Starting play wordle Top Wordle players know that the first word is crucial. They won't admit it, but they usually start with a word containing common vowels and consonants to gauge the potential letters. The Art of Starting in the game Wordle refers to the strategy of selecting an initial word that helps you gather information about the target word as efficiently as possible. Choose a balanced word: Your first guess should be a word that includes a mix of commonly used letters (vowels and consonants). This helps you quickly eliminate or confirm the presence of various letters in the target word. Avoid proper nouns: Don't start with a proper noun or overly specific words that might not have much overlap with the target word. Go for more general terms. Consider the structure: Think about the structure of the target word. If it's a 5-letter word, start with a 5-letter word. This allows you to gather information about the positions of different letters. Prioritize high-utility letters: In English, certain letters are more frequently used, so if you have a reason to suspect a particular letter is in the target word, consider using it in your starting word. Learn from each game: Over time, you'll develop a better sense of how to use "The Art of Starting" based on your past games and the words you've encountered. This strategy requires practice and experience.

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