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The online word game, commonly referred to as wordle today, was created by Josh Wardle. In order to anticipate a five-letter term, the participant is allotted a total of six opportunities. Following each attempt, the game will provide information regarding the accuracy of the guessed words. Specifically, it will indicate the words that are correctly positioned (denoted by the color blue), the words that are included in the word but located incorrectly (shown by the color yellow), and the words that are entirely absent from the word (represented by the color gray). The regulations governing this game are easily comprehensible, although achieving proficiency necessitates dedicated training. Players are granted a total of six attempts to guess the word before it is disclosed, so necessitating the utilization of their linguistic and logical abilities. Wordle has garnered praise for its high level of accessibility and has rapidly gained popularity as a favored pastime among individuals spanning various age groups. The game is accessible with any web browser without incurring any charges. Wordle is an engaging and intellectually stimulating game that offers the opportunity to enhance one's vocabulary and cognitive faculties.

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