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Code, patches, and documentation send to this site is assumed to be under the same license as the referenced project. Everything else is considered to be in the public domain. Stored data, including personal data, will not be deleted. For more information see the GnuPG.org Privacy Policy.

Please note that an account is not required to read bug reports; you only need an account if you plan to write a report. Some bug reports or other items are restricted for security or privacy reasons. Having an account won't give you access to those items.

Due to a wealth of unsolicited registration attempts, we sometimes disable new registrations if we feel that this is not a real account but SEO spam etc. In case this happened accidentally to you please file your report or comment to the gnupg-users mailing list and mention that you tried to register here.

Unfortunately we had to disable registration entirely
If you need an asccount please ask on one of the gnupg lists lists for an account and provide
handle, shown name, and a mail address (e.g. "freehim", "Julian Assange", "ja@example.org").