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qt: Split off Qt5 frontend and port existing backend to Qt6

Authored by TobiasFella on Jan 15 2024, 4:35 PM.


  • Add new backend.
  • Configure desktop file for Qt5 backend.
  • doc/pinentry.texi: Add Qt6 backend to docs.
  • m4/qt6.m4: New.
  • qt/ Use Qt6 instead of Qt5.
  • qt/capslock.cpp, qt/capslock_p.h, qt/capslock_unix.cpp:

Port capslock detection from KWayland to KGuiAddons.

  • qt/pinentryconfirm.cpp: Adapt to changed function signature.
  • qt5/*: Copy from qt/ and rename. --

The only noteworthy change is porting from KWayland to KGuiAddons for capslock detection, the rest is copy&paste, s/qt/qt5, s/qt5/qt6, etc.

Test Plan

compile with and without kguiaddons (needs; check that qt5 and qt6 dialogs work, check that capslock detection on wayland/x11 works

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TobiasFella created this revision.

Looks good except for one thing. There's also a deprecation warning, but let's fix this with the next commit.

Adding -fpic shouldn't be needed or may even be wrong. qt6.m4 already adds -fPIC if required.

This revision is now accepted and ready to land.Jan 16 2024, 9:03 AM
TobiasFella marked an inline comment as done.