Fatal Error in GPGME library - Unsupported protocol
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After installing Gpg4win 1.1.4, when I select GPA from the Start menu I get
the error

Fatal Error in GPGME library
(invoked from file /home/wk/src/gpg4win11/build/gpg4win-
1.1.4/src/playground/build/gpa-0.8.0/src/confdialog.c, line 1447):

Unsupported protocol

The application will be terminated

and the GPA doesn't open. This happens both on an Windows XP machine and a
Windows Server 2003 machine


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There is a bug in gpg4win 1.1.4: The installer does not force the installation
of gnupg2 which is now a requirement for GPA.

Please install the gnupg2 component.

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