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GPGME reporting End of file (7,16383) for missing CRL for users own key
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Architecture: powerpc
Source: gnupg2 Version: 2.0.11-1kk1
Source: gpgme1.0 Version: 1.1.8-0kk1
Source: kdepim Version: 4:4.1.1.enterprise4.0.20090306.935937-kk1
Package: dirmngr Version: 1.0.1-3

There is a report for kontact: (offline s/mime
signing without CRL for secret key gives unkown system error)

The CRL for one of my signing keys expired (I was offline so I could not get a
new one) and it seems that gpgme does not communicate this condition properly.

still lists three secret keys

[the status of the certificate is unknown]
[validation model used: shell]
[certificate is bad: No CRL known]

with Debian Lenny's python-pyme and v20080813:


pyme.errors.GPGMEError: GPGME: End of file (7,16383)

Werner, maybe this is better in the current development version of gpgsm?



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Marcus, can you please have a look at this?

Sorry for the delay. I can not access the kolab tracker (404), has the link
changed? Errors for individual keys in a keylisting are not available in
detail, but only the invalid flag is set. When using an invalid key, a more
detailed reason may be available. There is currently no way to get more
detailed reasons about why a key in a key listing is invalid.

You may want to try with more recent version of packages, in particular dirmngr
seems rather old.

I don't know where pyme gets its EOF error value from, maybe you can translate
this to gpgme operations or provide a GPGME debug log?

Sorry, typo in the URL, (there was one "kolab/" too much, but you could have
gotten to it via the main page. :) ) (offline s/mime signing
without CRL for secret key gives unkown system error)

You could try it yourself with pyme, but if you are saying that there were
enought changes to warrant a retest, I will retest with a new version.

Hi Bernhard,

Did you try with a new version? Did it work better? Thanks!

Marcus, not yet so far. I would appreciate a test on your end, as I might not
get to the issue for a while. There should be enough information to reproduce
the issue.

werner added a project: Too Old.

Too much changed in the last 3 years, it does not make sense to follow up on
this bug. Feel free to re-open if you can replicate it with current releases.