--quiet --passphrase ... outputs passphrase message
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Consider the following command (see Ubuntu bug #190294):

gpg --quiet --no-use-agent --sign --passphrase XXX -u "YYY" --output SIG FILE


You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for user: "YYY"

IMO --quiet should suppress this message here (if the passphrase is correct). I
then tried to add the --no-tty switch and found, that this will fail with:

gpg: Sorry, no terminal at all requested - can't get input

Is this intended (the passphrase is given)? Further adding --batch makes the
command work. So I'm not sure, if this is really a bug.


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I don't want to decided whether thisis a bug. The thing is that using gpg with
gpg-agent is more of a temporary solution than something we want to work as
clean as possible. For such use cases it is better to use gpg2.

gpg shall eventually only be used in unattended settings and not if user
interaction is required. I tag this "wontfix".

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Maybe we misunderstood(?). The gpg-agent is not used.

Forget the second part. It prints this message only, if it indeed needs input
and giving --yes works in this case too. So there was a fault on my side.

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The first part is not easy to fix and would require quite some rework. I don't
think this is justified.

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