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The TTL specified in sshcontrol for SSH keys is ignored.
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According to documentation and the comment blurb at start of default
sshcontrol, it should be possible to set per-key TTL for SSH keys (in the
sshcontrol file). This is however not, um, quite implemented. I am attaching a
patch to fix that. It's pretty trivial. The code I have added to parse the TTL
is a little silly and maybe wrong, but it happens to work for me. Ah, and, the
hexdigitp (...) is there because I didn't see a digitp (...) and isdigit from
ctype.h didn't occur to me (or maybe one can't use ctype for portability
reasons? whatever). Anyway, review (and eventual inclusion) would appreciated.


Petr Rockai.



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Right, that was missing.

Your patch is a bit too long to go without a copyright assignment to the FSF.
Firther it uses C-99 features which we don't allow.

I have implemented my own version which avoids scanning the sshcontrol file each
time. It is in SVN rev 5009; if you want to test it.

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