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Better ordering of "help" output in --edit-key mode
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A Debian user requested, that the output of the help command in the --edit-key
mode should be better ordered. I could imagine an ordering, that is alphabetic
with grouping related options (e.g. sign, tsign, ...), e.g.


What do you think?


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That would be hard to implement. Consider that an alpahbetic order makes most
sense only to English speaking users, whereas others will likely use the
translated description.

I agree that some commands should be moved more to the top of the list.

I leave this decision to you. I agree to the reporter, that everything is a bit
"wildly" ordered atm. However, I cannot speak for an unexperienced user. I've
asked the reported for feedback/his opinion.

However, I wouldn't say, that alphabetic ordering is only useful for English
speaking users. But I understand your point. An unexperienced user might look at
the topic (what he wants to do) first and not at the commands. But IMHO the
options in the manual page should be ordered alphabetically (and by topic ->
e.g. group the *sign commands together) in the manual page.

Agreed for the manual page. We will think about this.

I had a go at doing this in sections. I used:

How to select things (uid, key)
Stuff about signing (sign, lsign, etc)
Stuff that pertains to user IDs (adduid, addphoto, showpref, etc)
Stuff that pertains to subkeys (addkey, addcardkey, etc)
Stuff that pertains to the whole key (enable, disable, addrevoker, etc)

(Easier to just check in the proposed ordering rather than document it here. If
we don't like it, it can be reverted).

May I ask for the status? Seems, there were no objections.

May I ask what happen with this bug?

Just trying to keep track of these bugs in Debian Bug Tracking System.

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This is about updating the docs. Will be done for 2.1 only.