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cannot send PGP encrypted mail in Outlook 2003 SP3
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when I try to send any PGP encrypted e-mail the sending fails and the attached
non delivery report is returned by the Exchange server. Such an error would be
caused if gpgol changed the sender address causing Exchanged to refuse to send
the e-mail (just a guess, I cannot find a way to view the e-mail, it is not in
the Sent Items folder). When I put Outlook Offline then I can see the e-mali in
the Outbox folder and when I open it (using private key of the test recipient)
the e-mail content is garbeled but gpgol gives no error warning). PGP signed
mail is sent OK. Looks like same problem as
but I cannot translate from German so I am not sure.



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I changed the e-mail address in the attached ndr.txt to all x

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Should be resolved. Reopen if it is still an issue.