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gpa requires gnupg2 but checks for gpgkeys_ldap instead of gpg2keys_ldap
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The configure script of gpa checks for gpgkeys_ldap. But this one is called
gpg2keys_ldap in gnupg2 (which now seems to be required). Further you extend
PATH in this check. Please add a variable (via AC_ARG_VAR) to let the user
define more directories to search for this file. And add this variable to PATH
in the check. The rationale behind this is, that Debian installs the helpers for
GnuPG2 into /usr/lib/gnupg2/.



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A better way to fix this is by looking at the output of gpgconf. Should not be
too hard to fix.

Given that 2.1 will remove the helpers, I doubt that it makes sense to
put a lot of work into a new detection feature. What do you think of
this change:

  • a/

+++ b/
@@ -157,8 +157,9 @@ if test -z "$GPG"; then

dnl Find the keyserver plugins. Assume that gpgkeys_ldap is always available
-AC_PATH_PROG(GPGKEYS_LDAP, gpgkeys_ldap, [${libexecdir}/gnupg/gpgkeys_ldap],

  • [$PATH:/usr/libexec/gnupg/:/usr/lib/gnupg/])

+AC_PATH_PROGS(GPGKEYS_LDAP, gpg2keys_ldap gpgkeys_ldap,
+ [${libexecdir}/gnupg/gpg2keys_ldap],
+ [$PATH:/usr/libexec/gnupg:/usr/lib/gnupg2:/usr/lib/gnupg])
if test -z "$KEYSERVER_HELPERS_DIR"; then


That is we check for gpg2keys_ldap first and also put the Debian
directory into the PATH.

I did this change for the forthcoming 0.9.3.

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