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gpgme --disable-largefile
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"./configure --disable-largefile" results later in a compile time error:
In file included from conversion.c:33:
gpgme.h:78:5: error: #if with no expression
This is caused by configure setting NEED__FILE_OFFSET_BITS to an empty value.
System is an Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on 32bit hardware.
No problem occures when omitting --disable-largefile.
config.log is attached.



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werner added a subscriber: werner.

Marcus, please make it fail more gracefully.

Why "make it fail"; why not "make it run"?
I guess (did not test) that the bug can be fixed by replacing




or by making configure always setting a nonempty value;
depending on your preferred style of programming.

Thanks in advance :-)

fixed in rev 1442, thanks for reporting it

2009-12-17 Marcus Brinkmann <>

  • Make largefile check more robust.